About Us

In 2015 we set out to intentionally disrupt the global food industry by creating Mama Rocks Burgers Restaurant. The first fusion food to marry the American style gourmet burger with African flavours from across the continent.

Natalie and Samantha Mwedekeli, Sisters born to Nigerian and Kenyan parents in the cultural melting-pot that is London. From their mother’s hot peppe stews, their grandmother's obsession with Nollywood movies and stories she shared of hanging with Fela Kuti’s mother in Abeokuta to the diverse Pan- African cuisines easily available in London, Their culturally blended identity is a big influence on the adventurous Mama Rocks menu and brand.

In 2015, they both quit their corporate careers to realise their dreams of creating a brand that celebrated the continent of Africa.  Their chosen medium? – Food. Their next move? - Working for what is arguably London’s best Independent Burger joint where they were mentored by the owner. During their time off they would develop the Mama Rocks brand and early recipe ideas.

Nat and Sam’s African Style Gourmet Burger dreams became a reality when their creation, Mama Rocks Burgers, opened in January 2016 with their one of a kind food truck.

African food is some of the tastiest in the world but underrepresented on the global food scene. Mama Rocks is on a mission to change that by putting Pan African Fusion food on the map.

 Mama Rocks is the first in the world to offer a range of Gourmet burgers inspired by cuisines from the four corners of the continent of Africa. What our guests come for is our exciting menu with totally unique flavour combination using premium, fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients. What they stay for is the personality driven, energetic and authentic service.

As Restauranteurs our mission is to create a strong brand that celebrates African music, film, dance and culture through not only quality food but an immersive experience and home away from home for all who come to our restaurants.

Our future vision is to make the brand a national export of excellence by design, shattering stereotypes and connotations that people have about the continent. Our pledge is to showcase the Africa of now that deserves a seat at the table.